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There’s no denying that French fries are a hit with food-loving Filipinos.
A fast-food staple, a popular side order, even bar pulutan, it’s become part of our everyday eating habits. In fact, many food kiosks today offer full potato snack menus.

All MMFC potato products are imported from the United States. Produced under the strictest standards, buyers can count on fries that are consistent in taste, texture and appearance.

MMFC offers a variety of the finest frozen potato products. Choose from an assortment of cuts and styles to fit your needs:


Ore-Ida® Country Style® Regular Fries
Our most popular cut, these skin-on fries provide a natural-cut look and taste.

SKU: OIF-00276A
Cut Size: 3/8
Packaging: 6/5.00 LB Clear Poly Bags in a printed master case.
Brand: Ore-Ida®

McCain® Redstone Canyon® Cross Trax® Fries
Whole waffle cut fries with a light red batter coating for great yields.

SKU: MCL-03623
Cut Size: Waffle
Packaging: 6/4.5
Brand: McCain®

McCain® Harvest Splendor® Thin Stix
Whole waffle cut fries with a light red batter coating for great yields.

SKU: MCF-03731
Cut Size: 5/16"
Packaging: 6/2.5
Brand: McCain®
Anchor® Italian Cheese Breaded Mozzarella Sticks
3-1/4" Mozarella cheese in a golden Parmesan and Romano cheese breading.

SKU: 50010107
Cut Size: 5/16"
Packaging: 6/2.5
Brand: Anchor®

Moore's® Batterd Onion Rings
3/4" thick, sweet yellow onions dipped in our light golden batter.

SKU: 40010046
Cut Size: 3/4"
Packaging: 6/2.5 lb. printed by poly bags
Brand: Moore's®

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