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The Multi-M Food Corp. story started even before its incorporation 25 years ago.

Born out of her desire to establish a family heritage that would live on and be shared, its matriarch Betty Lee, looked around and thought of a highly sought-after yet hardly met need for food businesses.

With the rise of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) in the 90s, she consulted her friends in that industry and asked them what sort of product they needed the most help with.


Potatoes is what they answered her. Many food businesses and restaurants saw the fast-rising demand for french fries and other potato products, and they needed to keep pace with it.

Unfortunately, the locally grown and sourced potato
variants were, and still are, unsuitable for their use.

They needed the imported type of potatoes. Yet, more than just that, they needed somebody dependable to import and deliver to their outlets consistently and on time.

Although the company started winning more and more contracts by supplying potato products, Multi-M continued asking
its clients what else they could help with and provide.

So, by its incorporation in 1998, it had already begun distributing Fonterra cheese and its other dairy products.

Within five years, the company ventured into importing poultry and meat products, developing its toll-packing services,
and servicing school concessionaires.

Then without resting on its laurels and driven by the desire to reach more clients in need of help, Multi-M focused on
establishing more distribution centers in more regional areas.

To date, it boasts 25 depots nationwide with a fleet of delivery trucks, making it fully capable of transporting and housing frozen, chilled, and dry goods.

That is why it comes as no surprise that Multi-M Food Corp proudly services the various requirements of renowned food businesses.

Though in the industry for the past 25 years, Multi-M continues to ask its clients how it could serve them better and what other things they need help with.

And, of course, having this mindset enables the company to relive its pride and joy of getting its initial accounts.

It’s reliving the story of a startup company, small and modest, that grew to what it is today because of its heart and hunger for opportunities.

This is the Multi-M legacy.

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